Thursday, February 17, 2011

school project #1

This is Pendelton. Some would label him as a hippy, but he would have no idea what that is. He lives his life in a sort of "haze". He loves to invent things,and he is very good at it, but his inventions are quite pointless. Here he shows us some of his goods. A mirror that turns your reflection into the Wolfman, bubble wrap yoga pants, a bear costume with muscles to intimidate the other bears in the wild, a coffee cup so you don't have to bend over to drink coffee anymore, and a Pringles can that you can fit your head into. Though he gives the impression of being a hippy and he does want to save the earth, he has no tv, no radio, no computer, no phone, and he lives in the forrest, so he is a bit out of touch with the outside world. His coffee pot is powered by 6 diesel generators so he doesn't have to use electricity. He would like to someday work for NASA, Chips Ahoy, or the company that makes Chia-pets,but he doesn't know how to go about getting a job.


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I would totally use his coffee cup!