Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pendelton you ol' dog you.

Pendelton was a widely known and well publicized scientific experiment during the 80's. The experiment was to make people born smarter at birth. His parents, both very successful scientists, volunteered for this experiment. After winning top awards in their fields they went on a camping trip to the woods. Pendelton was born during this trip, then his parents went missing.

Pendelton was raised in the woods by Bigfoot. Reading his parents magazines and books they left in the motor home was Pendelton only knowledge of the outside world. He focused on inventing "kick ass things" and experimenting and is an actual genius, he just doesn't know that. His experiments fail and his inventions are ridiculous.

Pendelton is getting more curious about his parents after Bigfoot tells him the truth. Pendelton wants to find them and find out what happened to them, but he is afraid to leave the cave and go to the outside world having never been there. He is super smart. He is scared. He loves green tea. He is being hunted by the Government and is to be considered extremely dangerous.

WANTS: to find out about his parents
NEEDS:to overcome his fear of the outside world and try to be accepted.
RELATE: fear of the unknown and acceptance into culture.

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MissModernist said...

I want to know him personally. This story intrigues me.